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Alpha Whitening Facial (For Pigmented or Tanned Skin)

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Vedicline Alpha Whitening products help in dissolving accumulated melanin, so fresh blood & oxygen takes its place. Alpha Whitening Products are free of bleach & ammonia. This kit has extracts of Green Tea, which helps to reduce stress & tension.

Benefits :

• Brightens the skin.
• Reduces dark spots and pigmentation
• Dissolves accumulated melanin

Products In Small Kit

Products in Kit (4): • Alpha Cleansing Scrub 100 ml • Alpha Massage Cream 100 ml • AlphaWhitening Pack 100 ml • AlphaWhitening Cream 50

Products In Professional Kit

Products in Kit (4): • Alpha Cleansing Scrub 500 ml • Alpha Massage Cream 500 ml • AlphaWhitening Pack 500 ml • AlphaWhitening Cream 500

1. Kojic Acid works on melanocytes. Inhibits Tyrosine's activity, reduces melanin.
2. Green Tea improves penetration into epidermis & breaks down melanin.
3. Mulberry has Ascorbic Acid, helps in collagen synthesis & clarifies.
4. Stay C50 reaches lowest layer of skin & purifies (In Hi Tech Patch).
5. Shea Butter gives glow & smoothness.
  • Procedure for the Facial

    Step 1 : Cleaning – With cotton pad, dipped in Green Apple Toner.
    Step 2 : Exfoliating - Gently massage with Alpha Cleansing Scrub for 2 to 3 minutes.
    Along with, use Toner. Wipe it with a warm wet towel.
    Step 3 : To stimulate cells – Massage with Alpha Massage Cream for 7 to 8 minutes.
    Ultrasonic device may be used. Clean it with Toner.
    Step 4 : Hydrating – Apply, AlphaWhitening Pack. When it is semi dry, spray Toner &
    clean it with warm wet towel. skin should be absolutely clean, there should be no
    residue of Cream & Pack.
    Step 5 : For even complexion – Lightly spray Toner on the face & apply, AlphaWhitening Cream.


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