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Papaya & Lime Facial (For all skin type)

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Specially formulated with papaya and lime extracts for fairness & glow. Contains Fruit Acids (AHAs), as suggested in Ayurveda & western Therapy. Papaya has a wonderful effect in skin assists in wound healing. It has natural enzyme Papain for exfoliation. Also increases microcirculation. Lime is rich in Vitamin C, is detoxifying, astringent, disinfectant & stimulating. In Ayurveda, it is known to increase lustre & reduce blemishes. Aloe Vera maintains PH balance & protects skin. Clay blend absorbs excess sebum, detoxifies & tightens. May cause mild irritation since all Ayurvedic clays initially generate heat.

Benefits :

• Enhances Skin Tone
• Reduces tan, blemishes and pigmentation.
• Rejuvenates dull skin.

Products In Small Kit

Products in Kit (6): • Lime Shower Gel 120 ml • Papaya Scrub 100 ml • Papaya Face Cream 100 ml • Papaya Gel 100 ml • Papaya Pack 100 ml • Papaya Lotion 120 ml

Products In Professional Kit

Products in Kit (6): • Lime Shower Gel 500 ml • Papaya Scrub 500 ml • Papaya Face Cream 500 ml • Papaya Gel 500 ml • Papaya Pack 500 ml • Papaya Lotion 500 ml

1. Papaya assists in wound healing, has natural enzyme pepsine for exfoliation, increases micro circulation.
2. Lime is rich in Vitamin C, is detoxifying, astringent, disinfectant & stimulating. In Ayurveda, it is known to increase luster & reduce blemishes.
3. Aloe Vera maintains pH balance & protects skin.
4. Clay Blend absorbs excess sebum, detoxifies & tightens, may cause mild irritation, since all Ayurvedic Clays initially generate heat.
  • Procedure for the Facial

    Step 1 : Clean- With cotton pad dipped in Green Apple Toner. In winter, warm wet towel can be used.
    Step 2 : Cleanse- With a few drops of Lime Shower Gel. Can use Galvanic at negative (-)
    for about 90 seconds, along with it, drip Green Apple Toner. Clean it.
    Step 3 : Exfoliate- With Papaya Scrub, use Toner or Papaya Gel while scrubbing.
    Gently give circular movements for 2 to 3 minutes. Clean the face.
    Step 4 : Nourish-
    (a) With Papaya Face Cream, massage for 10 to 12 minutes or till Cream is absorbed.
    Give right strokes & pressure. If needed, use Toner while massaging. Wipe it.
    (b) With Papaya Gel, massage for a few minutes. Use Galvanic with Positive (+) for about
    90 seconds, while dripping Toner. Do not wipe it.
    Step 5 : Rejuvenate- With Papaya Pack, when semi dry, spray Toner, lightly massage & clean it.
    Step 6 : Protect- With Papaya Moisturizer.


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