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Pearl Pishthi Facial (For all skin type, suits wheatish complexion)

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Vedicline Pearl Pishthi Facial enriched with pearly proteins, nourishes & enhances skin, leaving it silky & smooth. Vedicline Pearl Pishthi Cosmetics are based on the Ayurvedic concept of using Mukta Pishthi (Pearl paste) for rejuvenating & healing skin. Pearl is Gemstone of Moon; it adds to attraction & retards ageing. Vedicline pearl cosmetics have different colours and hues of pearl which contribute towards improving elasticity and shine of the skin.

Benefits :

• Reduces signs of ageing.
• Brings a pearly white glow on the face.
• Refreshes the skin and gives a clear smooth skin.
• Enriched with Pearl Protein, Nourishes
• Suitable for all skin types

Products In Small Kit

Products in Kit (6): • PearlPishthi Cleansing Gel 100 ml • PearlPishthi Scrub 100 ml • PearlPishthi Massage Cream 100 ml • PearlPishthi Massage Gel 100 ml • PearlPishthi Pack 100 ml • PearlPishthi Moisture Serum with SPF 100 ml

Products In Professional Kit

Products in Kit (6): • PearlPishthi Cleansing Gel 500 ml • PearlPishthi Scrub 500 ml • PearlPishthi Massage Cream 500 ml • PearlPishthi Massage Gel 500 ml • PearlPishthi Pack 500 ml • PearlPishthi Moisture Serum with SPF 500 ml

1. Jasmine Oil is soothing and healing, improves elasticity.
2. Olive Oil has high content of Tocopherol (Vitamin E), gives radiance & hydrates Epidermis.
3. Pearl Powder comes from inner layer of shell, contains Amino acid, Calcium & Vitamin B complex. Keeps skin clear & smooth with pearly luster.
  • Procedure for the Facial

    Step 1 : Clean – With cotton pad dipped with Green Apple Toner.
    Step 2 : Cleanse- With PearlPishthi Cleansing Gel (-), massage on wet skin for 2/3 minutes &
    clean it. If using Galvanic, drip Toner & work for 90 seconds.
    Step 3 : Exfoliate – With PearlPishthi Scrub, lightly massage for 2/3 minutes & clean it.
    Spray Toner & blot it.
    Step 4 : Nourish –
    a)Massage with PearlPishthi Massage Cream for 10/12 minutes, along with use Toner.
    Wipe excess from oily skin.
    b)Massage with PearlPishthi Massage Gel (+) for 3/4 minutes, if using Galvanic, drip
    Toner & work for 90 seconds.
    Step 5 : Rejuvenate – Apply PearlPishthi Pack, after 5/7 minutes, spray Toner, lightly massage
    & clean it.
    Step 6 : For Pearly luster - Lightly apply PearlPishthi Moisture Serum.


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