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Silky Smooth Therapy (Smoothes normal to dry & frizzy hair)

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Shiny & Smooth Hair Therapy Silky Smooth (Pink Series) For Normal to Dry & Frizzy Hair with: Honey- Called food of Gods, heals & nourishes. Hibiscus - Purifies blood & gives smoothness. Rich with botanical extracts, conditions & softens hair. Micro - oils provide smoothness, protect from humidity & keep frizz under control.

Benefits :
• Removes dandruff and dry flakes from the scalp.
• Makes the skin shiny and healthy.
• Detangles hair and gives soft and bouncy hair.

Products In Small Kit

Product In Kit (4) • Silky Smooth Hair Oil 200 ml • Silky Smooth Shampoo 200 ml • Silky Smooth Conditioner 200 ml • Silky Smooth Moisture Gloss Serum 50 ml

1. Honey - Called food of Gods, heals & nourishes.
2. Hibiscus - Purifies blood & gives smoothness.
  • Silky Smooth Kit & Procedure :

    1. Silky Smooth Hair Oil
    Strengthens roots & relaxes scalp.
    To use : Apply it on scalp & roots of hair, then massage entire head. Can be rinsed out after half an hour.
    2. Silky Smooth Shampoo
    Gentle on hair, keeps it smooth.
    To use : Saturate hair with warm water, gently massage shampoo in to scalp & leave
    it on hair for a couple of minutes & rinse out thoroughly. If needed apply again.
    3. Silky Smooth Conditioner
    Irons out uneven structure of hair & detangles hair.
    To use : After shampooing, squeeze out excess water & apply right amount of
    conditioner on mid & end of hair, not on roots. Rinse it out thoroughly after 3 to 4 minutes.
    4. Silky Smooth Moisture Gloss Serum
    Provides protective film on hair.
    To use : Lightly apply length wise on hair, not on roots. Comb it through & let it dry


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