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Silver for skin care

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This facial gives silvery shine to the skin. Selection and use of Jasta Bhasma & Aloe Vera is done in accordance with Ayurveda for the benefits of silver. Silver Range is made with non greasy formulations & gets easily absorbed, while keeping skin hydrated, cool, smooth & glowing.

Benefits :
• Keeps the skin beautifully moisturised.
• Makes the skin smooth, shiny without any greasy look.
• Helps to protect your skin from pollution, drying and dehydrating.

Products In Small Kit
Products in Kit (6): • Silver Face Cleanser 100 ml • Silver Exfoliating Gel 100 ml • Silver Moisture Cream 100 ml • Silver Massage Gel 100 ml • Silver Gel Pack 100 ml • Silver Moisture Serum 100 ml

Products In Professional Kit

Products in Kit (6): • Silver Face Cleanser 500 ml • Silver Exfoliating Gel 400 ml • Silver Moisture Cream 400 ml • Silver Massage Gel 400 ml • Silver Gel Pack 400 ml • Silver Moisture Serum 500 ml

1. Aloe Vera provides flexibility, elasticity & tonicity. Maintain pH balance & protects skin.
2. Jasta Bhasma (Zinc Oxide) is an anti oxidant & mild skin lightener.
3. Silk Proteing is Polypeptide, imparts gloss & smoothness by working at cellular level.
  • Procedure for the Facial:-

    Step 1: Clean- With cotton pad dipped with Green Apple Toner.
    Step 2: Cleanse- Lightly massage with a few drops of Silver Face Cleanser on wet skin in circular motion. Can use Galvanic (-) for about 90 seconds while dripping Toner. Clean it nicely.
    Step 3: Exfoliate- Lightly massage with Silver Exfoliating Gel in circular motion till dead cells are pulled out & Get turns into debris. Clean the face with mild warm water or Toner.
    Step 4: Nourish- Nicely massage with Silver Moisture Cream for 10 to 12 minutes, giving right strokes & pressure. Wipe out excess if any.
    Step 5: Hydrate- Lightly massage with Silver Massage Gel for 3 to 4 minutes. Can use Galvanic (+) for about 90 second while dripping Toner. Wipe out excess if any.
    Step 6: Rejuvenate- Nicely apply Silver Gel Pack, when semi dry spray Toner, lightly massage & clean it.
    Step 7: Protect- Lightly apply Silver Moisture Serum on moist skin.


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