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Gold Facial (For Skin Care, Ayurvedic concept of Rasayana Therapy)

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Vedicline Gold Ojas Cosmetics are based on the Ayurvedic concept of Rasayana Therapy for rejuvenation of body & mind. Ayurveda suggests the use of saffron, almond, marigold flowers, turmeric & sandalwood for benefits of gold since they absorb rays of the Sun & have gold like benefits on skin. Besides these qualities, Gold Ojas Cosmetics have gold dust, essential fatty acids, antioxidants & vitamins, as approved internationally. According to International trend of using different shades of gold in cosmetics, Vedicline has used them to bring out the natural beauty of skin. Gold has hot properties & should be used cautiously on sensitive & acne prone skin. Be careful with sensitive skin. Scrub it only if needed & give a light facial massage. Use Toner or distilled water along with beauty products.

Benefits :
• Brightens the face.
• Protects the skin from the harmful rays of the sun
• Gives a beautiful golden glow on the skin.
• Suitable for all skin types
• Enriched with Benefits of Gold & Saffron.
• Keeps Skin Pure & Healthy

Products In Kit (6) : GoldOjas Cleanser 100 ml • GoldOjas Scrub 100 ml • GoldOjas Massage Cream 100 ml • GoldOjas Massage Gel 100 ml • GoldOjas Pack 100 ml • GoldOjas Moisture Serum 100 ml

1. Saffron warms up skin & stimulates circulation.
2. Almond nourishes with Vitamin E.
3. Sandalwood strengthens tissues & keeps skin healthy.
4. Gold Dust gives healthy glow.
  • Procedure for the Facial : Step 1 : Clean – With cotton pad dipped in Green Apple Toner. In winter warm wet towel can be used.
    Step 2 : Cleanse – Lightly massage with a few drops of GoldOjas Cleanser on wet skin. Nicely clean it, can give Galvanic (-) for 90 seconds, while dripping toner.
    Step 3 : Exfoliate – Lightly massage with GoldOjas Scrub on wet skin, along with use Toner, Clean it. Spray Toner & blot it.
    Step 4 : Nourish – a) Massage with GoldOjas Massage Cream for 10/12 minutes, along with use Toner. Wipe excess Cream. b) Massage with GoldOjas Massage Gel for 3/4 minutes. Can Galvanic (+) for 90 seconds while dripping Toner. No need to clean it.
    Step 5 : Rejuvenate – Apply GoldOjas Pack, when semi dry, spray Toner, lightly massage & clean it. Spray Toner & Blot it.
    Step 6 : Protect & Glow – Lightly apply GoldOjas Moisture Serum.


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