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Hydrates skin & balances blood circulation.
Stimulates & rejuvenates cells. Keeps skin soft & smooth.
Fresh & creamy, rejuvenates & imparts vitality. Reduces minor blemishes.
Gives Fresh appearance to skin by supplying new energy & warmth to cells,
Vedicline D Tan Pack based on extracts of clove, eucalyptus, whitens & brightens skin.
All purpose ready to use Firming Pack, Consist s of Extracts of Sea Weed, Turmeric & Liquorice along with Kojic Acid Di Palmitate & Niacinamide.


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Vedicline provides innovative & effective daily care products for Face, Hair & Body. All speciality lines are designed for in-salon treatments & on-going treatments at home to restore or maintain youthful look.

Vedicline specializes in manufacturing, marketing and promoting new technologies and exceptional beauty products for Spa, Beauty Salons and Individuals.

Vedicline offers aesthetic solutions such as whitening, anti - aging, moisturizing, aroma for mental & physical relaxation, acne treatment etc. It also specializes in solving environment related problems such as tanning & dryness

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